Question: What legally can we do if we are unable to use my driveway or street for 7-10 days because a car dealership is being built down the street?

Question Detail: LHM Lexus is building a new dealership down the street from my house. I have been forced to take a detour home every night for about a month and yesterday they left me a note saying my fiancé and I will not be able to access our driveways/garages or even our street for 7-10 days and possibly longer because of the new construction. We are forced to park our cars in a dark church parking lot half a block off state and walk through a construction zone to get to our house.

Answer: While I empathize with your situation being a citizen is not always convenient and at times requires us all to be inconvenienced. Sorry but legally I don't see a case. Not every inconvenience raises to the level of a legal claim worth filing. What my mother would do is make a pot of coffee in the morning, lemonade and ice tea in the afternoon, and then she’d whip up a batch of brownies with nuts and bring them out to the men thinking she was helping because the way she viewed the world is "they must be hungry." The effect was that the men would work harder and wanting to pay her back they would clear the way she could get her car in our driveway. Dolly was and still is a very subtle persuader. Me? Not so much.

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