We’ve been covering the fake apology laws and why it’s bad for America. Today let’s talk about how common people can fight back to put truth back into medicine. What really is at stake is America’s heart and soul. What made this country great was a culture built on an honest days work – and simply being honest. Americans believe in being honest. It’s always been a part of our culture. Well the American flags fabric is frayed by this law that allows lying to be condoned in the courts.

As Americans we believe in capitalism and a free-market economy that creates better products and services than you can’t get in a communist country. I see a lot of products coming from China, and they are shoddy, crappy products that don’t work as they are intended. Americans make things that work and work right.  We need to get back to that culture, a culture where quality counts.  Communism is the antithesis of the American culture. Communism in China allowed infant formula to be laced with melamine that caused six infant deaths and more than 300,000 infants to go into some degree of kidney failure. Communism rewarded government officials who kept their mouths shut when the milk suppliers were doing an end-run on the government’s protein tests through the addition of melamine to raw milk; a product poisonous to humans. Communism then punished the lawyers who dared to file suits on behalf of the infants and their mothers and fathers. Communism rewards not just inefficiency but dishonest business practices. And that is what the apology shield is, it’s a way of rewarding bad behavior and doing it by sanctioning a lie.

Watch to the YouTube video about melamine and the Chinese Communist Party lying and consider how the apology shield will be viewed by the rest of the world. Are we any different than the CCP? 

On the other hand we have the free-market economy that would prevent or should prevent dishonest businesses from profiting in America. Competitors and government officials are empowered to speak out about illegal business practices and in turn we are all better off. (Well maybe not the SEC when it came to turning a blind eye to Madoff, but that’s for another day.)

With the apology shield officially sanctioning lying under oath, we aren't far behind Communist China.

Now the patients who are injured by shoddy medical practice and their lawyers are faced with a law that rewards dishonesty. The fake apology law says it’s alright to lie to the jury saying you did nothing wrong, when in point of fact you’ve apologized to the patient for doing just that. Absurd? I think so too.

As Americans we have to ask ourselves if we have to take it or can we fight back? The legislature thinks it owns you, just as special interests own them. Well they don’t and I can prove it to you. We have the Internet and that puts honesty back into the equation. YouTube is a great device for exposing lies, deceptions and half-truths that juries hear and are asked to believe.

The Internet is the place where Americans can post the truth. Take the recording you have and post it on YouTube. Let the truth be told to anyone wanting to listen. Let the liars walk naked in cyberspace. YouTube will show us all and all the patients know that the Emperor has no clothes. Allow me to remind you who the Emperor was.

There is a Danish author, Hans Christian Andersen, that we are all familiar. He wrote “The Emperor’s New Clothes” first published in 1837. What is true today was true in 1837. The vanity of those faking the apology shouldn’t swindle the rest of us into believing the naked truth. That lying to a jury remains wrong no matter how many laws they pass. The sky is blue no matter what law your state legislature passes declaring it pink.

“The story has given rise to its common reference as a metaphor in numerous situations. Most commonly, the statement "the emperor has no clothes" is used to refer to a situation in which (at least in the opinion of those using the phrase) the majority of people are unwilling to state an obvious truth, out of fear of appearing stupid, unenlightened, sacrilegious, or unpatriotic, or perhaps out of "political correctness". In such cases it is often implied that the motive and rationale for not seeing the obvious truth has become so ingrained that the majority do not even realize that they are perpetuating a falsehood.”

See Wikipedia, The Emperor’s New Clothes

Like me you should hate this kind of legal fiction that is nothing but official sanctioned dishonesty. You should abhor the fake apology and its shield that cloaks lies as truths and then parades them in front of juries. The honest medical professionals, like winners wanting to win, find this law degrading. In this instance the law assumes we are all dumb and naïve enough to believe those with the power get to rewrite the truth by simply changing the facts through a legally sanctioned fiction. That’s simply wrong for America. It’s not what made America great; it’s a sign of an America I don’t recognize.

Like the honest physicians we should all feel shame.

Join me today to listen to the beautiful music created by the Russian musical group Viagra, meaning Acapela.

Steve Lombardi
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