Question: What can I do about my spine injury that happened at an apartment complex?

Question Detail: I fell three stories and broke my spine. It was at an apartment complex. What can I do about this?

Answer: The answer to your question depends on the specific facts that led up to and explain how and why you fell. The question about the balcony design is an interesting one and can show a condition existed that allowed you to fall. On the other hand we have to ask questions tending to explain your own actions leading up to the event. Comparative fault is always an issue in these cases and must be fully vetted to appreciate whether a claim exists and will be economically feasible. An injury does not make a case. What were you doing out on the balcony and what about the balcony do you believe contributed to the fall? If you were drinking that certainly won't help your case.

In the end we must start out at the beginning and you need to see a lawyer who practices in the area of personal injury and is willing to put in the work to understand the how, what, when and why of your case.  My firm handles spinal cord injury cases including paraplegia and quadriplegia as well as ruptured discs. If we don’t hear from you I wish you the best of luck with these very serious injuries.



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