Another Iowa worker injured from fall while on the job

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Tom Groaharing working for Midwest Companies out of Fulton, Illinois and on Lock and Dam 11 is reported to have fallen about 30 feet to the concrete below. Workers at heights need to be wearing fall protection gear. It's called fall protection for a reason. It's not fall prevention, falling on the job at heights is assumed to be a risk of the job. Once you fall, and you most certainly may fall, the fall needs to be arrested. So if you're working at heights without fall protection equipment stop and ask your supervisor for fall protection gear. Call me if you need suggestions. I've covered this subject a lot. 
Tom Groharing was working for Midwest Companies when he fell Tuesday. It's not know what caused him to fall, but according to the Telegraph Herald, he fell about 30 feet and landed on concrete. Groharing was taken to University Hospitals in Iowa city. ... 
Steve Lombardi
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