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Two men on an ATV were seriously injured, one was killed, after the driver lost control and the two were thrown off of it. KCCI - TV - 8 is reporting, via the Cedar Rapids Gazette newspaper that Scott Dierks of Clarence and Daniel Mohr of Clarence are the ATV driver and passenger. I have to wonder about the amount of risk a passengers assumes when riding on the back of an ATV. Does the rider assume the risk the driver will drive too fast and lose control over the ATV and place the passenger at a risk of losing their life or seriously being injured? Do insurance companies actually write liability insurance to cover these? I know homeowner policies can cover the owner, but what about young adults that own them and have no homeowner insurance policy? Does the rider risk his life or limb with no recourse? The risk-reward ratio seems to be off on the ATV dirt riding adventure. 
For this story see Man Dies 10 Days After ATV Crash, July 1, 2011, KCCI-Channel 8 and the AP. 
Steve Lombardi
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