After a fatal crash in Florida that killed a man using the autopilot system in his Tesla, other crashes have occurred, but China just experienced its first accident with the Tesla autopilot.  The man driving set his Tesla to the autopilot mode, as he has before, and it struck a vehicle that was broken down on the shoulder, scraping both cars, but not causing any injuries.  The man driving the Tesla stated that the sales people made it very clear that it was a "self-driving" system and did not indicate any need for the driver to keep his hands on the steering wheel while using the system.  Others have come forward to confirm that sales people of Tesla in China use a Chinese word that translates to "self-driving" when selling the features on the car.  Tesla has recently released public statements that the autopilot mode is only an "assistive" device that takes control of braking and steering in some conditions and is not meant to be wholly self driving, placing the blame on the consumers and drivers for not maintaining control of the vehicle.

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