Stryker Corporation, one of the many companies involved in the current defective hip-implant controversy, is in the midst of a deal to acquire Trauson Holdings Company, a Chinese spine-products manufacturer.  Stryker offered $764 million cash to buy the company and become a strong force in the booming Chinese orthopedics market.  Many medical device manufacturers from the U.S. have bought into the market in China, as there has been a huge growth in medical care in the country and increased efforts to build thousands of new hospitals.  The orthopedics market alone is expected to jump from $1.6 billion to $2.7 billion by 2015.  This is an important distinction when looking at the orthopedics market in the U.S., which has been quickly shrinking due to the economic crisis, on top of the recent extensive hip and knee implant recalls.  Analysts say that if Stryker is able to acquire the Chinese company, it will likely improve their now dismal sales of hip and knee products – products they can no longer successfully sell in the U.S. due to increasingly strict regulations and investigations by the FDA.

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