Alternative to Knee Replacement Surgery

Possible alternative solution to knee replacements

Many of our worker’s compensation clients come to us with knee injuries that occur during the course of their employment. Sometimes this requires a total knee replacement (total knee arthroplasty, TKA) which is not only major surgery, but major recovery time as well that requires extensive physical therapy.

In the Wall Street Journal print edition of May 5, 2015, (page D1), (online version, May 4, 2015) an article written by Melinda Beck, discusses the development of an artificial meniscus that could, “stave off more serious problems including arthritis and knee-replacement surgery in later years.”

Clinical trials are currently taking place in the United States, Europe, and Israel with Active Implants LLC, a company based in Memphis, Tennessee whose focus is orthopedic implant solutions.

Knee injuries related to work accidents would benefit greatly from this new technology when it becomes available to the public. The down time for a knee injury from date of injury, through conservative treatment, then surgery if needed, and finally physical therapy can average anywhere from months to years.

The recovery time from a meniscus implant is approximately 6 weeks. Some of our clients who have undergone total knee replacement surgery would gladly sign up for this trial and recover those months and/or years that they lost while rehabbing from that surgery.

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