Attorneys and Unemployment Benefit Claims

I often receive phone calls from potential clients who are seeking legal advice and/or representation for unemployment benefits.  The many steps of the benefit claim process can be confusing and it may be difficult for people to understand why and when to seek an attorney's advice.  The best answer is to contact an attorney as soon as you file your claim for unemployment benefits.  This allows the attorney to start helping you from the beginning of the claims process and understand the entire claim.  The problem occurs when a claimant waits to seek legal help until after the hearing before an administrative law judge.  At this point, the record is closed and no further evidence or testimony can be received by the judge.  The only option is to appeal to the Employment Appeal Board, but they will merely review the record already created before the administrative law judge.  This gives an attorney no room to work with the client to produce helpful evidence and testimony.  Most likely, claimants believe they have a right to benefits and think they can do it on their own.  Good for them if they can, but often this does not happen and then they seek an attorney's help, and it is too late.

We do not charge any more to help you in your unemployment benefit claim from the beginning stages.  Unless you wish to read and thoroughly understand the many Iowa statutes covering unemployment benefits, your best bet to getting those benefits is to hire an attorney as soon as possible.

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