Angela Quinn, 43, and Aaron Quinn, 47, both of Albia, were killed on Monday, May 9th in an accident that occurred around 3:18 pm. The accident occurred near a construction zone on Interstate 80 near the Mississippi River Bridge. Vehicles in the area were merging when a van crashed into a car and then an SUV. The SUV then collided with a truck. Angela and Aaron Quinn, both riding in the car, were pronounced dead at the scene. Christopher Roger, the 27-year-old van driver, was cited for failure to stop within assured safe distance.

Attorney Lombardi’s Comments: An accident on I-80 is a challenge for even the most skillful and experienced lawyer, but one who is not a personal injury lawyer and who doesn’t practice in this area full time has his or her work cut out for them. They should associate with an attorney who is used to proving liability and the losses of the estate. In this case there are two people who died as a result of a rear-end collision by the van driver. There will be two estates each competing for the insurance coverage. Then there were multiple vehicles involved including the Quinn vehicle. Each of those will be after the van driver’s liability insurance. Tough case if there isn’t enough insurance coverage. I would likely approach this quickly and not let dust settle before evaluating all available coverages. I recently handled a similar collision at the Iowa-Illinois border just west of the Mississippi River. Act quickly, evaluate all facts and think, think and then think some more.

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