This week I received another call about an engagement ring dispute. He bought the ring, spend nearly two thousand dollars for it, they broke up and she moved out of state. He's been trying to get the ring, but she refuses. I'm guessing she's enjoying making his life just a little bit miserable. As my mother is fond of saying, "Steve, misery loves company." Yes Mom it does. 
So what is this guy supposed to do about getting his ring returned? I told him to sue her in small claims court in Iowa and force to either come back or else obtain a judgment against her. If I were her I'd just hand it back to him because there will be a day in the future when she has another BF and this is going to come back to haunt her. It won't look good and sends the wrong message. So why should she give the ring back? 

Here is a starting point.

  • To show that you're a bigger person. 
  • Because keeping it is dwelling on the negatives in your life and that's not healthy. 
  • Because dating someone else and having to explain why you have a diamond from someone else, creates and awkward situation. 
  • Because breaking up is hard enough, and this ain't helping.
  • How about because it's good therapy to just get over it. 
  • Because if you don't you're going to get sued by your ex. 
  • Because your heart won't mend by keeping it. Because it was too small to begin with. 
  • Because the law requires you to return it. 

To sell your engagement ring see "Out Of Your Life"
Steve Lombardi
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