Medical Arts Building, West Des MoinesThe process works in stages. So today let's look at the stages you can expect to unravel. As you read through the stages consider how you should act to each and depending on how you act or what you say, how you will appear to the investigator and ultimately to the Iowa Board of Medicine. So let's get into the stages.

  1. An informal investigation takes place by the Board and the Board’s medical investigator.
  2. The Board will secure the relevant medical records and interview relevant witnesses including the complaining witness.
  3. The Board will contact you to discuss your take on the situation.
  4. The Board’s investigator will conclude their investigation.
  5. The Board will have two or more doctor’s with relevant experience review the record and express an opinion about whether what you did or didn’t do failed to meet the acceptable level of practice in your area of medicine.
  6. A decision will then be made about whether charges should be brought.
  7. If charges are brought, a Complaint will be filed and you will receive a copy after the Complaint is filed.
  8. You will then be given time to hire an attorney so the attorney can file an Answer to the Complaint.
  9. Your attorney will file a formal written Answer, but only after talking with you.
  10. The discovery process will then begin and for purposes of this Q&A that is all I will cover. In a separate Q&A I will cover the discovery process.

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