A man was accused of a crime that took place at an Altoona Lowe’s home improvement store is suing the City of Altoona for $14 million. His claim from damages is reported as follows: “Among other things, court papers seek $105,300 for Pollard’s lost wages; $314,000 for legal bills; $1.2 million for past and future pain and suffering; $420,000 for past and future “inability to enjoy life”; $6 million for “destruction of reputation”; and $6 million for punitive damages. The lawsuit is scheduled for trial in October 2013.”

We report this to understand what claims are sought; keep in mind sought and allowed may be different. You seek damages in your Complaint, or Petition, but the Judge ultimately decides what you can legally ask for from a jury. This case stemmed from a pedestrian-truck accident that resulted in a man’s death. A store video camera caught the moment on film, but with many digital cameras the quality was very poor. The man was twice acquitted. These are not easy cases, because the prosecution gets every break to seek criminal responsibility, which is the right of a law abiding society. But on the other side of the justice coin, citizens have a right not to be falsely accused of criminal conduct. The prosecutors, being elected (politicians) have a duty to use the powers given to them in a responsible way. The police have similar duties. Law enforcement does not have the right to lie, to withhold evidence, to fabricate evidence or to suborn perjury. It’s not about winning the case, but about seeking justice for the public.

See, Acquitted man seeks $14 million from Altoona, Des Moines Register

Steve Lombardi
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