A Workers Comp Merry Christmas

A Workers Comp Merry Christmas
Everyone is calling,
and everyone is pissed.
No one is being paid enough,
and they ask...
"Why are we all getting dissed?"
Each says, "We are owed a lot!",
They're all owed something more.
Some are mostly always owed,
and mostly because they are poor.
I get up at dawn,
and get to the office pretty early.
I stay awful late,
and toil until I'm weary.
"You mustn't be very good."
"You must be a wussy."
"I voted for Trump!"
"Because he grabs women by the pussy."
Litigation loan apps stack up,
and the numbers make no sense.
The disclosures are ridiculous,
and signing one makes me extremely tense.
They saved ten jobs in Indiana,
and they claimed it was two-thousand.
Kelly-Anne did her shake-n-bake thing,
and my clients now think it was one hundred thousand.
It's never right.
It's always wrong.
It is sort of like...
... Work Comp ping-pong.
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