Question Detail: Can I have a wedding ceremony without a license? My fiancé and me would like to have a wedding ceremony in a church without a license because we both are full time students and are afraid that if we make it legal we would lose the amount of money we are getting throw [sic, meant through] grants and have to start getting students [sic] loans. Can we do that without getting the pastor in trouble?

Answer: Okay welcome to the Religious Right where you think you get to do whatever it is you want to do under the name of GOD. Are you serious? You want me to assist you with legal advice so you can commit a fraud on the federal student loan program? Really? Seriously? Aside from not knowing how to use spell-check I have to wonder how you ever were accepted into a college program.

  1. You are asking a lawyer how to commit a fraud.
  2. You are asking it on a public website.
  3. You used the wrong word, "throw", and I believed you meant 'through'.
  4. What did your parents teach you about morality along with right and wrong?
  5. If you are so worried about the pastor perhaps what you need is a priest and the confessional.
  6. How can you be spending money on a fake wedding but you can't afford to pay for your own education, AND you want the taxpayers to foot the bill for your education?
  7. Have you taken any classes on ethics? Perhaps you should.
  8. Did you intend to lie to everyone attending the wedding just to get gifts?
  9. Have you considered that what you would be doing equates to a common law marriage and when you answered the questions on your aid applications you would again be lying.
  10. You can't be serious.

You don't need a college education and you certainly don't need each other; you shouldn't be breeding children until the two of you grow up. What you do need is a year off to do some hard physical labor to find out what life is all about. For whatever reason the concept of shame is missing from your character.

You can't be serious.

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