Tarrant County Sheriff Dee Anderson has done his own testing of Tasers as well as research on cases using Tasers and according to CBS news in Fort Worth, Texas he's not handing them out to his department officers. The use of this weapon has grown in popularity with Texas police departments, but Anderson is more concerned with it causing deaths. He said that when “people have health issues or who have used alcohol or drugs, the electric shock could be deadly.” He feels the negative aspects of a Taser outweigh the positives. Though Anderson will not issue Tasers to his deputies, he noted that he is not against enforcement agencies employing the weapon, saying "I completely respect others who decide to use them. I'm not a crusader against Tasers. I'm not out telling people not to use them. Everyone has to make the decision right for them.”

http://cbs11tv.com/video/[email protected]

A recent incident which supports Anderson’s case of not using Tasers, involved a Taser being employed and caused the death of 24 year old Michael Jacobs in April 2009.

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