Talking At Work Can Ruin Your Workers' Compensation ClaimIf you've been hurt on the job it's crucial to keep your comments to yourself. An injured worker’s idle chatter can definitely hurt a claim. I have seen it too many times, the effects of even the smallest conversation can ruin a workers' compensation claim. Are you talking too much, too often or to too many people?

The Mean Supervisor And An Injured Employee.

If  you weren't liked before your injury, after you're hurt on the job you'll likely be loathed. Chemistry between supervisors and employees is essential to a productive work environment. Bad chemistry makes for nervousness, taking short-cuts and a general feeling of anxiety about what will happen next. In my experience, the harsher the superior, the more likely an accident will, sooner or later, occur.

While being liked is not part of being awarded benefits, it can still get in the way of how the claim is adjusted. People talk. Supervisors talk to the people in personnel and to owners. All of the above talk to adjusters and nurse case managers [NCM] who are the ones adjusting a claim. Nurse case managers are paid to doubt the extent of your injuries. Give them a suggestion of “he might be faking it” or “she may have done it gardening” and the NCM is off and running to the doubting-derby.

Idle Chatter Allows Avenues For Creating Doubt.

When nervous, some people compensate by talking too much. Assume when you are dealing with a professional in a legal claim that you will be nervous. Admit it to yourself and it will be easier to understand the point of this blog and for you be able to recognize if you are talking too much.

Honestly, Do You Need Professional Help?

Say the right thing, but say it the wrong way, and your case takes on a whole new set of problems. At this point some cases are still fixable, if we get involved soon enough. From the minute I meet a new or potentially new client, I am listening to how they speak, evaluating how to make them a better witness; one who will provide legitimate testimony that helps, rather than hurts their case.

I see this as part of my duties to Lombardi Law Firm clients. We teach you the legal ropes so to speak. We give you the legal framework in order to understand the important from the useless.

Call Us For Legal Help

Have you been injured in a work related incident? Contact us online or call us directly at 515.222.1110. We take serious injury cases including those with a back injury, surgery, broken bones, head trauma, CRPS, RSDS and other serious injuries. Some clients and cases just aren’t the right fit. But, if yours is, we are here to help.


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