Florida, Texas, California, Washington and now Richmond, Virginia, is where the FedEx and Walmart scam has been being played on lawyers. The facts are being changed but the end game remains the same: See if the lawyer will send either money or GreenDot cards so the man injured can pay his rent to avoid being evicted. If eviction is likely this paraplegic will be forced to sign a full release with Sedgwick and he will lose millions. Tugging at the lawyers’ heart strings is the landlord Mr. Larry Jackson whose wife is suffering from the late stages of breast cancer. The landlord needs his rent money to buy her cancer drugs (and a little beer he let on to the good old boy down in Texas). If the tenant (Javontae Holloway, aka Javontae Gowdy, Devonte Growdy and Randy Lee Williams) cannot pay up his rent that is in arrears the landlord (the mean Mr. Jackson) will have no choice but to evict and send him forthwith to a nursing home. Sounds like a plan that many lawyers can correct except there are holes in this story large enough to drive a semi-truck through.

  1. First and foremost Sedgwick would never pay any claimant money without first getting a Medicare Set-aside evaluation. Without it the settlement would be voidable.
  2. The next problem has to do with the Release being sent to the lawyers. The release is always blurry and never a complete copy. That should be a huge red flag to any lawyer.
  3. Then there is the insurance adjuster issue; Where is he and his working telephone number with a receptionist to answer? When you call Robert Johnson you will find him only working out of the Sedgwick office in Tennessee. He does not work in Louisiana or Florida.
  4. And then what about shoes payments Javontae is requesting. Why must they be send with GreenDot cards? Why doesn’t Mr. Jackson have a checking or savings account?

Everything points toward nothing being traceable (even the burner phone) so that law enforcement cannot catch this rascal. Trust me the Sheriff in Napoleonville, LA (Assumption Parish) looked and the home address being used is a vacant home. The mailbox did have one letter from a lawyer turning down the case though.

Phone Numbers being used: (225)200-1627, (601)260-2807 and (985)498-8832

What to do if he calls you: Contact us so we can maintain the next generation of this scam. Thanks and have a nice day. 

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"Randy Lee Williams" or whatever his real name is, contacted my office in Los Angeles yesterday with the same story. Fortunately, we were able to determine something wasn't right when he could not provide any I.D., claim numbers, etc. said he "lost" everything when he was " Forced" to move to Mississippi from Bakersfield, Ca when Sedgwick stopped his TD payments. The topper was when he texted a copy of the "Release". The exact same release you displayed on your site. The section of the release that states "catastrophic damages to my body indefinitely " was the kicker. What insurance co would ever include language like that ? These guys are real morons. Except that at first glance, the mechanism of injury is quite convincing. However, these guys must think lawyers aren't concerned with little things like DETAILS. Thanks for your site and comments. Someone should go to the media with this. It's a juicy lead-in storyline that will keep viewers tuned in to the whole newscast until it airs during the last 30 seconds.
by Ernest Buongiorno September 20, 2014 at 12:56 AM
Erin: That is an interesting development. This guy may actually be a lawyer, law student, law clerk, associate or someone working in this business. He is showing a better understanding of the law than I would have expected. I believe you are the first lawyer from Pennsylvania to report being contacted. Thank you for the head's up and I will write an update later this week. Steve Lombardi
by Steve Lombardi August 31, 2014 at 04:27 PM
This guy has made his way to Pennsylvania and has apparently learned a thing or two over the years. His story now includes specific reference to Medicare and the workers compensation settlement approval and is using that as part of the excuse to request money as Sedgwick told him the case is going to take many months to be approved for settlement and he needs money now.
by Erin August 31, 2014 at 03:18 PM
Randy Lee Williams and Larry Jackson from Napoleon, LA called with their Fed Ex / Walmart scam yesterday. Fortunately, the lawyer who was trying to send us the case saw your website and we realized it was a fraud. It was the same story. Walmart was offering $750,000 to settle. Williams needed money to pay his landlord Larry Jackson. Jackson needed money to buy his wife's cancer medication. He just needed $315 to buy this medication and wanted us to go to WalGreens and buy a Green Dot card. They even used the same phone number that you mention in your post, 225-200-1627. Same scam that it appears they have been doing for years. We are in Birmingham Alabama and the con artists claimed the accident happened in Tuscaloosa. Thanks for putting this scam up on your website.
by Rob Riley August 19, 2014 at 10:05 AM
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