A Haifia woman who received the wrong type of blood during surgery to reset a broken leg died of respiratory and cardiac insufficiency two weeks after the blood transfusion.

"The patient was an 84-year-old woman who, like many people at her age, had prior conditions including lung and heart disease... The error [in the type of blood supplied by the blood bank] was discovered quickly and the transfusion was stopped shortly after was given," Ramban wrote in its response.

The record is not clear whether or not the incorrect transfusion caused the conditions that resulted in her death.

Probably the most dangerous reaction from being transfused with the wrong blood type is an immediate hemolytic transfusion reaction.  This type of mistake is almost always the result of what is called "administrative error".

“When it does happen, the infused red cells are hemolyzed, and the patient experiences chills and fever, a fast heart beat, possibly a drop in blood pressure and, sometimes, kidney failure. The transfusion must be discontinued as soon as this is recognized and the patient given IV fluids to promote good kidney function. Tests are then done with the blood to determine the extent of the problem.”

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