Max Miller and Thomas Prohaska write about an NHL Analyst who is apparently in a legal dispute with his former girlfriend over the return of an SUV and a $50,000 engagement ring the couple exchanged. The former Miss Buffalo will be squaring off over the ring in State Superior Court in Niagara County. I wonder what she will argue. Emotions won’t work as proof in court, she’ll need hard facts that go beyond a simple emotional plea. These are conditional gifts or so say many courts. Read the story here: Barnaby sues former fiancée for return of engagement ring, SUV, by Thomas Prohaska, News Niagara Reporter

They would both do well to read these previous posts although I’m sure the lawyers need the work. He may need the Army's help on this one.

Oh and after he gets the ring back it can be sold at “Out Of Your Life”.

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An engagement ring is a conditional gift, a promise for a promise. "I promise to give you this ring if you promise to marry me." The marriage is a condition precedent to the ring becoming the property of the recipient. What about when throughout the marriage they have upgraded the ring from a small diamond to a rather large diamond and there is a prenuptial agreement in place. Is the (ex)husband/wife entitled to half of the increase in value of the diamond or is it considered a gratuitous gift and therefore the sole property of the recipient?
by Nicholas May 23, 2013 at 04:24 PM
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