Handling personal injury cases for semi-truck drivers is a challenge I enjoy. These cases present several challenges and the rewards of doing it right often times get the trucker back to doing what they like to do best in life. Over the past thirty-plus years I have litigated hundreds of cases for truck drivers and their families. Injured in an accident the professional driver often times has at least two cases that need to be pursued – they are, a workers’ compensation case and a personal injury auto accident case. We handle each and realistically, lawyers have to, if they intend to represent workers who get injured because of personal injury accidents. Any lawyer who says they handle the one but not the other is not doing this right and isn't likely doing it full-time. The clients should always be wondering if the lawyer is doing this work to make a quick buck. Our goals are always to improve our client's life. 

Know this; your lawyer has to know how the two types of settlements need to be coordinated in order to do it right and not cause the truck driver problems at a later time. It makes no sense to settle the one and then find out you have to give it all back to another insurance company. And if the driver intends to apply for social security disability there are other settlement issues to consider and decisions to make.

Alright so let me give you just five things that can go wrong with your case.

  1. Failing to hire a lawyer with the right kind of experience to know how to keep you out of trouble
  2. Failing to file your lawsuit at the right time
  3. Failing to engage in discovery and to hire the right experts
  4. Failing to properly value your case
  5. And, failing to fully investigate with an eye towards gathering and preserving the right evidence.

Let’s face it, that 18-wheeler weighs a lot. See The Big Truck Guide for estimated weights.

6 Axle Semi Truck Trailer - Description: The 6 axle semi truck is legal across Canada and has been considered in the US as a way to increase productivity in the trucking industry easily. Across Canada, this combination can gross out at 100,000 lbs to 110,000 lbs. The most talked about weight limits in the US for this combination would be at 97,000 lbs.

Even if you are at fault, the truck driver will have at least a workers’ compensation claim. If your accident happened in Iowa you are entitled to Iowa Workers’ Compensation benefits according to Iowa's workers' compensation laws. Your employer may tell you otherwise, but know you want to at least evaluate if Iowa benefits pay more. Iowa benefits are better than in most states. Iowa allows up to 500 weeks of permanency benefits even after you return to work. If you are unlucky enough to be permanently and totally disabled you or your surviving spouse can be paid weekly benefits for life.

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