Previously we covered five major mistakes in car and work accidents. Today we will cover motorcycles. Motorcycle accidents are handled a little different than car and truck accidents because of their size and weight which allows them to travel a lot farther post-collision. Plus there is the added issue of people assuming all motorcycle drivers must be somewhat reckless to begin with, allowing them to assume the motorcycle driver must me at fault for something. When we represent a motorcycle driver or rider we get out quickly to take photographs of the bike, the scene, the injuries and of course the other car or truck.

Do a search on this site for The Five Mistakes People Make in Car Accidents and read it. Then pay attention to these five mistakes.

  1. Failing to thoroughly photograph the accident scene. This cannot be overstressed. Skid marks should be measured and photographed with the tape in place. No layperson takes the time to do this or to do it right. How can they, they don't know how to try a case.
  2. Failing to save the bike by storing it until everyone has had a chance to examine it. Protect it and do not under any circumstances remove parts to use or sell.
  3. Failing to document all the road rash, gouges and lacerations on the injured person's body is very important.
  4. Failing to thoroughly document with photographs the head (skull) post-accident is a big-big mistake. And save the helmet. Do not use the helmet. Preserve the helmet.
  5. Failing to hire a lawyer so the loved ones can grieve without worrying about the above. While the family tends to the injured person or his/her funeral the lawyer is busy gathering and preserving the evidence. This is KEY!

The motorcycle accident scene is a challenge to properly document. Experience can teach us a lot about what is important. I personally visit each accident location as soon after the accident as I am hired. It is not unusual for me to be out investigating right after being hired. You wonder why I don’t just hire a private investigator. Well I do some times, but even then I visit the scene and actively take part in the investigation. It has to do with what is best for you and your case. If I am going to try the case, then I want to understand how the accident unfolded. That way I can anticipate how the opponent will argue comparative fault. Any lawyer who doesn’t do his own investigation probably doesn’t understand personal injury trials.

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These are five of the biggest mistakes people make after they are involved in a motorcycle accident.

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