I have represented well over 2,000 people in the past thirty plus years of practicing law. My focus has always been personal injury which includes all sorts of ways and places where people get injured. Many of my clients hired me right after they were injured; that phone call has saved those who did hundreds of thousands of dollars. If I had to guess about the amount saved I would guess it would be at the five million dollar mark.

It is a common mistake to think, let me try this first on my own and then if I get lost only then will I consider hiring a lawyer whose focus is on personal injury law. But that is a big mistake because what you don’t know the insurance adjuster does, and his job is to wreck your case. Yeah, it really is and don't be fooled by one who is nice. In litigation never mistake friendliness with who are your friends. 

Adjusters have only two reasons to speak with you and neither is good for your case.

First, see if I can get them to say something that will allow me to pay them nothing.

Or, second, if not totally wrecked, see if they say something that allows me to pay a whole lot less. Give me something, anything so I can get paid a bonus at year's end!

Small admissions and friendly conversations do not ingratiate you with the insurance adjuster. When you make a little admission, he smiles and then begins to want more and more till finally you have no case.

And talking nonstop doesn't make you appear more honest than the next guy. Stupid yes, but not more honest.

Many people think they are the most honest person on Earth. Well consider this; you are not the only honest person whose case has ever been adjusted. In other words, you are nothing special to the adjuster. Give him a reason and he will destroy your hopes just like any other honest person. And he or she won't care if your family has anything to eat tonight. 

I promised you five major mistakes and so here they are.

  1. Fail to photograph the damaged cars
  2. Fail to thoroughly photograph the accident scene
  3. Fail to secure the names of independent witnesses
  4. Failing to hire a lawyer before giving a recorded statement to the opposing insurance adjuster
  5. Failing to take the time to give an accurate history to the emergency room doctor

If we can help you avoid these five major blunders in your case, call us and let us talk about helping us to help you.

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