My mother is a stickler for organization. I learned a lot from her about how to create a base upon which success can be supported. After my father died she raised five children and paid the freight altering clothes. She learned to make ends meet with little investments; like buying her two oldest sons a fishing pole and sea worms with directions to the Elk’s Dock. She persuaded my Uncle Jeep to show us how to clean a flat fish. From there we cut cleaned and wrapped buckets of flash fish in foil before filling the freezer for winter meals. We learned to survive by doing the right prep work and in teaching me to fish she taught me how to survive. As a lawyer I hate to lose and as a son I thank my mother, Dolly for showing me what it takes for a 35 year-old mother of five to survive with only a tenth grade education and the will to not lose. Like I’m fond of saying, “I hate to lose.” And so should you.

So let’s get busy because if you don’t preserve the evidence in your case you’re not likely to win. Here are a list of your supplies and evidence you’ll need to preserve. Let’s get busy and organized.

35 Things You Should Do To Preserve Your Bike Accident Case

  1. Get a folder for recordkeeping.
  2. Get a good digital camera, a video camera, a tape measure and a measuring wheel.
  3. Photograph the accident scene.
  4. Photograph the bike.
  5. Photograph your injuries.
  6. Photograph anything in the accident environment that you believe the truck driver will blame for causing the accident.
  7. Collect the names and contact information for every eyewitnesses.
  8. Save your clothing and don’t wash them!
  9. Save the bike and don’t wipe it down or wash it off!
  10. Don’t use the bike!
  11. Save the helmet!
  12. Don’t use the helmet again, but save it!
  13. Photograph the helmet showing the location and size/length of every dent/cut/scrape.
  14. If the accident was at night and you were using a light wait till the same time as the accident occurred, then turn on the light and either videotape or photograph it.
  15. Save the light, remove the batteries so they don’t drain and keep them in a baggie.
  16. Photograph the light and batteries.
  17. If you shot images on your phone download them to your computer.
  18. Burn all the photographs to a CD so you can give them to your lawyer.
  19. Keep a copy of the accident investigation report from the police.
  20. Keep a copy of the driver exchange of information form.
  21. Get your insurance policy out and your DEC page.
  22. Keep copies of any correspondence from the insurance company.
  23. Don’t give a statement to the truck owner’s insurance company.
  24. Keep copies of all medical bills.
  25. Keep copies of all work excuse slips.
  26. Keep copies of cards and make a list of all your medical service providers. (doctors, etc.)
  27. Don’t talk with anyone but your lawyer about the accident.
  28. Before you give your own insurance companies a recorded statement hire a lawyer.
  29. Place a copy of your health insurance card in the folder.
  30. Understand what you did right.
  31. Understand what you did wrong, if anything.
  32. Realize the truck driver is going to blame you.
  33. Realize the truck driver’s insurance company is going to blame you.
  34. Open a folder and keep all your records in it.
  35. Open your mind and get ready to learn how to win.

Let’s get organized and let’s learn how to win your case

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