A wrongful death case is an insurance claim involving the death of a person where someone else was at fault for causing an accident that lead to their death. This can be an accident involving a drunk driver, a semi-truck driver, a motorcycle, moped, scooter, a fall, a pedestrian, an interstate highway accident involving multiple cars/trucks, a work accident or any other accident in which someone dies.

Drunk driving accidents can be tricky so it’s important you folks visit with an Iowa personal injury lawyer pronto. The Lombardi Law Firm handles all kinds of personal injury cases, including workers’ compensation and premise liability cases that lead to someone’s death. We represent children, parents, wives, husbands and so many other people that’s it’s almost impossible to catalog them all.

So let’s get busy because if you don’t preserve the evidence in your case you’re not likely to win. Here are a list of your supplies and evidence you’ll need to preserve. Let’s get busy and organized.

Understand when I say “you” I’m referring to the estate administrator or the wife, husband, relatives, friends or anyone else in charge of the case.

We can and would like to help you with your wrongful death case. Call 515-222-1110 or send us an email.

As promised here are 30 things you should do to preserve your case.

30 Things You Should Do To Preserve Your Wrongful Death Accident Case

  1. Get a folder for recordkeeping.
  2. Get a good digital camera, a video camera, a tape measure and a measuring wheel.
  3. Photograph the accident scene.
  4. Photograph any vehicles.
  5. Photograph the visible injuries.
  6. Photograph anything in the accident environment that you believe the person who you think caused the death will blame for causing the accident.
  7. Collect the names and contact information for every eyewitnesses.
  8. Save your clothing and don’t wash them!
  9. If you shot images on your phone download them to your computer.
  10. Burn all the photographs to a CD so you can give them to your lawyer.
  11. Keep a copy of the accident investigation report from the police.
  12. Keep a copy of the driver exchange of information form.
  13. Save the autopsy report.
  14. Get the insurance policies out and the DEC page.
  15. Keep copies of any correspondence from the insurance company.
  16. Don’t give a statement to the truck owner’s insurance company.
  17. Keep copies of medical records.
  18. Keep copies of the ambulance report and bills.
  19. Keep copies of all medical bills.
  20. Keep copies of all work excuse slips.
  21. Keep copies of cards and make a list of all your medical service providers. (doctors, etc.)
  22. Don’t talk with anyone but your lawyer about the accident.
  23. Before you give your own insurance companies a recorded statement hire a lawyer.
  24. Place a copy of your health insurance card in the folder.
  25. Understand what you did right.
  26. Understand what you did wrong, if anything.
  27. Realize the person you think caused the death will ultimately blame the person who died.
  28. Realize the insurance company of the person you think caused the death is going to blame the person who died.
  29. Open a folder and keep all your records in it.
  30. Open your mind and get ready to learn how to win.

Let’s get organized and let’s learn how to win your case.

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