My office mate is Todd Miler. Great lawyer, terrific friend but he's a St. Louis Cardinals fan. I know, he can't help himself and we realize that everyone has flaws. I am after all a Red Sox fan. And being a part of the Red Sox Nation is nothing to take for granted. Being a Red Sox fan is more like a religion than it is a sport. You learn to about high expectations, hope that springs eternal, a deep abiding faith in the impossible, the highest highs and the lowest lows including a lot of disappointment over the past 58 years I've watched my Red Sox. We learned at a young age about Curse of the Bambino, an issue even our mothers never openly discussed. It was assumed we were born with inner knowlege of what was the Curse. It was like knowing when your mother would answer, "The Bums!" when you'd ask who the Sox were playing. But faith and baseball go hand in hand and that endless faith is at times handsomely rewarded, not every year but enough to let us show the world what it means to be a part of the legion and lore of the Fenway.

Because after all we are Boston Strong!

Let's run the reel.... of the most memorable moment. 


To the Cards I say, congratulations on a memorable World Series. The Cards looked a little tired toward the end.They were pretty beat up and fought with a lot of injuries that hampered their hitting and concentration. The concentration issue affected the fielding I suspect. They are a good team with some great players. Wacha's nerves got to him tonight, but he's so young that it will pass. I doubt Wainwright's flub will ever fade just as it took us until after 2004 to forgive, but never to forget Bill Buckner's flub on first. And who will ever forget Bucky "Effin" Dent? But that's a whole other issue and at the same time it isn't because already we are feeling the excitement of spring training in 2014.
Coming into Fenway, as old as it is and knowing Babe Ruth played there is an awesome experience; playing there in the WS has be the pinnacle of any ball players career. The season is over and there is always next season. Again your Cards did well, they should be proud of the season they had.
As for the photos, notice how the knees go weak after the realization sinks in that neither player stuck his glove out to catch the ball. It was a terrible sinking feeling. 
Steve Lombardi
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