In Newton, Iowa today a 4-year-old girl was attacked by a pit-bull. Pit bulls around small children are extremely dangerous and the poor child has no clue they are in extreme danger. Anyone who houses/owns a pit-bull has the obligation to foresee small children will not recognize the danger and protect themselves. It’s up to the owner to act to protect those who are unsuspecting. This dog owner better have a lot of insurance and one hell of an explanation.

These are not cases to sit around waiting to hire a lawyer, because the pound will put the dog to sleep. That's not a good thing when the burden of proof remains on the grieving parents of the poor child. I understand you are grieving for the child, but realistically you have to take 10 minutes to hire an experienced lawyer. You have little choice in this matter. Any insurance company that will eventually pay hopes you sit back and expect them to treat you fairly. That's not going to happen, so call us. 515-222-1110 or email Attorney Steve Lombardi at [email protected] We are dog bite lawyers.

So what should you do to gather and to preserve the evidence?

Start off by following these ten tips to protect your dog bite case:

  1. Before the dog is put to sleep, video tape the dog’s vicious propensities while at the pound.
  2. Dig out any prior reports showing the dog has attacked others and that the owner was on notice of the dog’s vicious propensities.
  3. Obtain the names of all witnesses including neighbors and victims from previous incidents.
  4. Photograph the victim’s injuries. This can be difficult to do so hiring a lawyer or investigator may be helpful to get this accomplished.
  5. Save the victim’s clothing.
  6. If the owner is willing to give a statement record their statement, although I highly recommend letting someone else do this.
  7. Photograph the area where the victim was attacked including any warning signs.
  8. Photograph where the animal was confined or fenced.
  9. Photograph the latch, gate and locking mechanism.
  10. Photograph any chain that was supposed to hold the dog.

This is a start. We've had a lot of success with this type of case so I can't stress enough that you need to act now to follow the rules or hire a lawyer who will preserve the evidence. Many times our success is aided by how quickly we are pulled into the case and have the opportunity to document the dog and the area where the victim was attacked and mauled. So call us at 515-222-1110 or email Attorney Steve Lombardi at [email protected] We are the dog bite lawyers.

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You are very welcome and thanks for taking the time to correct the city where it occurred.
by Steve Lombardi April 25, 2013 at 08:46 AM
Good advice. Actually it was Prairie City/Monroe, not Newton. But we have a number of Pit bulls here in Newton that always seem to get loose and wander, so I'd sure it's only a matter of time till it happens here.
by Emily April 25, 2013 at 08:08 AM
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