They would never treat me that way, because …

The law doesn’t care that you’re one of the good guys and gals. The law doesn’t care if you’ve always paid your taxes or are just experiencing a rough-patch and are unemployed. The insurance company could care less about your personal problems unless of course it helps them. And so when you start to think you do not need legal representation because you're a nice person, then 100% of the time you are wrong. And here is why.

You need evidence and to present it in a way that the law needs to see it. Without evidence your good-guy status is meaningless. If you have that idea in your head keep reading and learn.

I hear it a lot. I hear people come in after trying to go-it-alone and telling me all of these things.

  1. The adjuster likes me.
  2. I liked the adjuster.
  3. He knows someone in my home town.
  4. I’m not one of those sue-happy people.
  5. I’ve never sued anyone before this.
  6. I just want to make sure they never do this to anyone else.
  7. I just want to make it so the next guy doesn’t suffer the same fate.
  8. I just want them to fix what injured me.
  9. I’m honest.
  10. I’m not one of “those people”.

Know that every time you say these things or even think these things you are 100% wrong. Why? Keep reading.

This is how they view you.

  1. You represent a file.
  2. You are a file number.
  3. You are no one special.
  4. You’re just like all the rest.
  5. You’re just looking to make a quick buck.
  6. You’re here to take advantage of the insurance industry.
  7. You’re greedy and exaggerating.
  8. You’re lying and you’re cheating.
  9. You’re just taking up my day. Should I go on? Okay, I will.
  10. An insurance adjuster sitting in Cleveland, Ohio could care less about fixing something in Iowa. It's just not on their radar screen.

And why would they do this to you? Because… keep reading.

  1. They are not being nice to you because they like you. Keep reading, it is because...
  2. So, you’ll tell them things they can use against you.
  3. So, you won’t get a lawyer who can help you understand the process.
  4. So, you won’t hire a lawyer and make their job harder.
  5. So, you won’t hire a lawyer who will actually understand the law and make them pay what you deserve.
  6. So, you won’t hire a lawyer who will make their job more difficult.
  7. So, you won’t hire a lawyer who will screw up their bonus for this year.
  8. So, you won’t hire a lawyer and screw up the bragging rights they have with lowball offers and getting people to accept them.
  9. So, they can get this damn file closed.
  10. So, they can move on to the other 500 files sitting on their desk.

If you’ve thought any of these things then call a local lawyer who practices in the area of personal injury. And if you live in Iowa, call us, because chances are we have been doing this longer than you’ve been alive.

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