Have You Been Injured In A Truck Accident? Help Is Available

Iowa Truck and Car AccidentsIn Iowa, the Lombardi Law Firm represents clients who are injured after being involved in a semi-tractor-trailer-semi on the Interstate Highways that traverse Iowa. Those highways are likely I-80 and I-35.

I-80 goes east to west from Davenport and the Quad Cities through Iowa City, then onto Des Moines (central Iowa) to the western border and the city of Council Bluffs before crossing the Missouri River into Omaha, Nebraska.

I-35 is the north-south highway which runs north to Minneapolis-St. Paul and south through Des Moines to Kanas City, Missouri.

We work with lawyers from Texas to Minneapolis and from the east coast to the west coast to make sure your right to recover is preserved.


The injuries in these cases can be catastrophic resulting in brain damage, quadriplegia and paraplegia or death. Having been trained as a private investigator and then a trial lawyer I want to get out when the evidence is fresh. Meaning, you cannot call me too early. Call me, call me now.


We get out ASAP and if needed hire a private investigator to document the truck, your car, other cars or trucks and the accident scene. We will come to the hospital to take appropriate photographs in order to document the injuries. Because when the evidence is gone, it is usually gone.


The next part of the case involves the medical care, treatment and rehabilitation. And we do the same things during that period as we did with the accident investigation. We gather and we preserve your evidence.


If you are reading this or watching this video then now is not too soon. Call us. Check out the number on the website. 

Steve Lombardi
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