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Lombardi Law Firm

Have you recently been personally injured in an accident?

If you were personally injured in an accident the Lombardi Law Firm may be able to help you to received fair compensation. Before you call the adjuster to give a recorded statement, call us, hire us to teach you how not to ruin your chance of being fairly compensated. If the hospital, ambulance service or doctor’s offices keep calling and you don’t know what to say to make them stop, again, call us and we will make them stop.

We handle car, truck, semi-tractor, motorcycle, drunk-driver, ATV, bicycle, golf carts, pedestrian, boat, accidents at homes or businesses, agricultural, farm-related and workers' compensation accidents. If someone has been injured we have certainly handled it.

We have handled injury claims of accidents that happened on the interstate highways, at the work place, at a home, a business, in a boat, on the water, on farms, personal residences, at golf courses, public buildings, ice arenas, convention centers, on a street, a road, on gravel roads, at bars, in the break-down lane, and almost every other place except the Moon.

We understand personal injury, wrongful death and workers’ compensation because we have been doing it for over 37 years.

So, help us to help you by calling today.