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Some clients feel compelled to tell us we are doing things right. When that happens we may pass it on to you. We are not always able to assist everyone who requests our services. Some potential clients don't have a case that we can recommend. That doesn't mean we don't respect their right to pursue and to have a case review. We strive to educate even when we are unable to assist them legally by taking their case.

Our clients are and will remain important to us as human beings. We appreciate the civil justice system is not able to do everything for everyone. Money damages are not the complete answer to anyone's losses. There is the emotional side of those losses which we recognize and try to assist you with the necessary emotional adjustments.

Here is what a few of our clients have written to us.

Iowa Workers' Compensation SettlementI want to thank Steve and his staff, Katrina and Barbara who all worked very hard for me.
I was in an accident that the company was self insured. They basically had me guessing what they were going to try next over 10 years and two other lawyers. I met Steve when he was stepping in to do a deposition. I was so impressed with the questions he asked and the sincere concern he had for me and my case.
I immediately hired him because I felt like I was in limbo waiting months or years to hear from other lawyers that worked my case. In the end Steve made sure I was taken care of so I could live my life with the extent of my injuries and not have to worry. I also found a friend who still checks on his clients to see what and how they are doing in life. Thanks again!

DD, from Ledbetter, Kentucky

I had been involved in a workers compensation claim for a little bit more than a year and things were getting very serious. I had been told I had CRPS and was really scared what would happen now with my claim.
I searched the internet for a lawyer and came across Steve Lombardi and read through everything on his website trying to decide if I should call.
I was so thoroughly impressed with everything he said that I did call and it was the best decision of my life! 
Steve was straight forward with me and walked me through the process and fought so very hard for me and my family. He even took over my son's case when he needed help for a car accident.
He is knowledgeable about CRPS. And that was very important to my case! I WILL never be able to thank him, Barbara, and Katrina enough for ALL they have done for me. You all have went above and beyond the call of duty! I cannot thank you enough!! You have become family to us...


I was hurt on the job in 2011. As a general laborer in the union I worked with heavy machinery and injured both my shoulders. The employer would not authorize surgery or even refer me for treatment. I was miserable and knew I needed help. After I contacted Lombardi Law Firm in 2014, both shoulders received the medical care, including surgery, that I needed and within months I was in physical therapy trying to get back to being able to work. Lombardi Law Firm fought for me and never took no for an answer. My case settled for more money than I have ever seen in my life. They told me what I needed to know and how to make this a case. They are the best! If you need help with your worker’s compensation case, there is only one law firm to call: Lombardi Law Firm.



I want to thank the Lombardi Law Firm for my personal property and diminished value claim.  I was involved in an accident in a new car that was only one month old.  There was roughly $14,000 damage on a $26,000 automobile and the other party was at fault.  The other party’s insurance company elected to fix the car even though both air bags had deployed.  I knew this car was going to be marked, not necessarily the title, but by Carfax reports and other vehicle reports out there, which would ultimately reflect the trade-in value price.  I typically trade every couple years.  The insurance company’s adjustor stated that they do not pay diminished value claims.  The insurance company did pay diminished value after Lombardi Law Firm represented me. 

If I wouldn’t have contacted Lombardi Law Firm, I would have been another statistic, with a devalued vehicle and would have had a significant loss when I traded the vehicle in.  I feel this was a win made possible by Lombardi Law Firm and would recommend this firm to anyone.  They are very responsive and keep you informed of what is being done.




T.M. (Minnesota)

A recent client came to us after his employer terminated him without giving a concrete reason for doing so at the time of termination, yet stating in the fact-finding interview that he engaged in misconduct.  The initial fact-finder denied this person benefits due to this allegation of misconduct.  He then came to us to help him in his appeal.  We assist various Iowa employees like him win their unemployment appeals in cases of alleged misconduct and we can help you reach a favorable outcome too.

  "I found Steve and Katrina online and I am glad I did.  My former employee was making it difficult to get my deserved unemployment benefits.  After a meeting with them, I was put on the right path to get things corrected.  They are easy to talk to and understand the difficulties involved with these situations.  Highly recommend their services."

Mark, Des Moines

In Brief Article, Medical Billing: Tricks of the Trade Part II. Steve, It was well written and very helpful - even here in Texas. GodSpeed! RS from Texas
Comment from Steve: There are many things a good lawyer can do for you as a client. Some work consistently over time and this is one of them. Steve Lombardi

RS, from Texas

May 27, 2014

Case Review by Jillian S. Shannon

            At twenty-seven years old, I had not needed an attorney and quite frankly didn't think I would ever need one. “I am a strong woman; I can defend myself”, or so I thought. 

 Working as a sales rep for a major fortune 500 company and utilizing their gift of a corporate vehicle was a great asset, however; it also came with a price.

Most of the time the perks and benefits of being in sales were very rewarding; unit it came to an unexpected car accident.

A typical (or not so typical), Tuesday afternoon I was heading to an appointment when I out of nowhere, I was side swiped at 45 mph and was sent spinning in a 360 degree circle.

Afterward, I couldn’t move my neck but was really just grateful to have my limbs still attached and to be breathing.

When it came time for analysis and treatment, my fancy fortune 500 company wasn’t so fancy after all. The bells and whistles of corporate American can’t come to the rescue when your health is in jeopardy.

This is where Mr. Steve Lombardi came in. Steve fought hard, tooth and nail for me until I was given a sufficient doctor. I had a torn rotator cuff and the outdated orthopedic physician that I was mandated to, quickly dismissed me and said you can adjust to reduced range of motion and physical limitations. He then released me with a seven percent loss of arm use.

I’m an avid runner, golfer, swimmer, and hiker. This seven percent loss wasn’t seven percent at all. To me, it was one hundred percent loss because my quality of life was no longer what it was. I couldn’t sleep through the night, get dressed, lift up five-pound objects, let alone continue the sports and active life that I lived.

With Steve’s ruthless tyranny and avid fight for justice within my case, I was given the proper doctor, treatment, and surgery that was necessary to allow me the gift of functioning again as an active young lady.

I am now in my second year of medical school and cannot begin to explain how grateful I am to Steve and his staff for committing to my case and not giving up when a solution seemed non-existent.  I am very much looking forward to the day when I too become a physician and I anticipate working with patients to get them to optimal health and run from sub par health treatment and therapies.

I respect Steve Lombardi very much and would highly recommend anyone to hire him, as you can be sure he will fight hard for you as a client. 

Jillian S. Shannon

If you were injured on the job and are unsure of your rights or how to move forward with the life changes you are now facing due to the physical or mental impairments you encountered; I would highly recommend Attorney Steve Lombardi of the Lombardi Law Firm located in West Des Moines.  Steve and his staff treated me with respect and dignity as I faced the many physical changes I was now confronted with through the injuries I sustained at my employment.

Steve and his wonderful staff supported me by listened to my concerns, they answered all my questions, kept me up to date on the process of my claim, stood by and represented me through the Workman's Compensation process as well as advocating for me through the Mediation process to ensure that I received a financial award equal to my loss of future potential earnings.  Steve and his staff will definitely treat you with the care and respect you deserve! I highly recommend them.
Debra Letscher 


Deb Letscher

Twelve years have passed, and I assure you my young Jerrica is not turning in her grave. As I age I come to realize more and more just how far people will go to defend a wrong. I did not tell anyone that it was about money, Jourdan was not there the night that Jerrica cut her foot at our home and there was no need for us to lie about anything. We accepted what the courts handed us and we picked up what pieces we had left of our life and began the journey of trying to find a way to build a life in this "Jerrica's gone" life. It hasn't been easy and it took time to be able to forgive all of the "misinformation" that was given by a family that I unfortunately thought my daughter would be safe with. In twelve years I've not bashed anyone to the media nor have I used any of my time healing to condemn the defendants; not because I don't believe that the actions and decisions that ended my daughters life were, in fact, completed with no regard to her health and welfare. The reason is she did no wrong, we wanted the person who was found responsible (according to the courts) for Jerrica's death to know what she did, to admit the wrong and to take responsibility for the life that ended before it had begun really. As you can see by that above message, and I have known by the emails, facebook posts and whispers...even 12 years later...that while I will continue to heal, and you Steve did get us the piece of the puzzle that we needed the very most - her being found responsible ... the story can't end there, it will never be allowed to. Thank you for posting the kindnesses that you did about Jerrica, it does my heart good to know that she has her own little fan club in you and in a way she touched you as she did so many others. Thanks for all you continue to do for people like my family, that seek justice and come to find out that you will do more than that, you will leave them with a sense of peace that is so very important in beginning to heal.

Teri Phelan-Ruden

Our goal is more important than simply putting money in your pocket. Yes we do handle your personal injury or workers’ compensation case with money in mind. And yes, we do want to put money into your bank account. But if money were our only goal, our clients would soon forget us after the checks are cashed and we are no longer an active part of their lives. The goal at the Lombardi Law Firm is to affect your life in a positive way, to make a positive change to make your entire life a better one. This client took her money, went on to graduate school in Arizona and now she is making positive changes in the world around her.

Hello Steve!

I apologize for the delay in writing this testimonial. I want to thank you and to update you on my future. I’m able to spend the month of April in India doing medical work thanks to your help. In the end it all worked out for the better and I thank you for all of your valuable help after my accident.  :)

Hope all is well on your end.


And we wish her all the luck in the world.

This past week a past client referred her daughter to us. The past client was ours from 1987. We do stay connected with our clients.

J.S. from Arizona

I hired Steve to help me with a licensing problem I had with the Iowa Board of Nursing. He and his staff were efficient with how they worked my case and his charges were fair and reasonable. He worked hard to help me and it eased the fears I had going into the process. His assurances helped with my frustration with the charges the IBN threatened to bring against me. Along the way he took the time to fully explain the process and to help me understand what might happen. In the end we worked out a settlement. I would recommend him to other nurses and licensed professionals who have problems with the Iowa Board of Nursing or any other Iowa licensing board. 

Lawyers often answer questions on free Q&A sites. It is pretty much a thankless job. But every once in a while one of those people taking gives back just a little bit. Here is one such lady.

Email: Message: Thanks so much for answering my question about the length of time on my pi case.

Debra: You're welcome. It's seldom someone writes to thank us for answering these questions. The fact it's for free makes those who take without saying thank you that much harder to appreciate. So I say you are welcome.

 Stephen D. Lombardi
Attorney and Real Estate Broker

Debra B.

As someone who was injured on the Job, had denial from my company, medical bills were being unpaid, I had no idea what to do as I never had a Work Comp Claim before.

In sheer desperation, I turned to the web where I found Lombardi Law and was impressed with the blog and article content, so I made the call.

Soon after, my bills were paid, and I got the medical treatment I needed. After my injury was resolved, Lombardi Law then negotiated a successful settlement on my behalf.

But the best part; Lombardi Law took the time to Explain the system to me so I would understand and know what to expect at every step of the process.

I would recommend them to anyone with a Legal / Medical crisis.


GW, Rural Iowa

I just want to say if there is anyone working in or through Iowa who gets hurt and needs a great lawyer to fight, hire Steve Lombardi. In my opinion he and his staff are the best people to help. I was driving a semi-truck on I-80 in the Davenport area when I was involved in an accident. Several people died and I was hurt. Steve came to my aid and worked out a settlement we were very satisfied with. He flew to several places to investigate the case, took depositions and hired experts. My case involved another trucker distracted by a cell phone who caused a multi-car rear end accident. Steve is a fighter you won’t be disappointed in.

Also, I want to thank you for the real estate advice. You encouraged us to do something with the settlement money to better our lives. We did, I just bought 2 houses; one, my family and I live in and the other I rent out. We are looking at purchasing an apartment building with 4 units and maybe one more house after that.

PS: How do I post brag about your good work?

Todd and Terry

New Jersey and Ohio

Todd & Terry, New Jersey and Ohio

Steve and Barbara, I was honored to write a testimonial for the firm and the work you did for me in my workers' compensation case. It's been more than two years since we first met and I hired Steve. I enjoyed Steve's surprises he's always making litigation as easy as he can. He uses a sense of humor and that put me at ease and if it were a target he hit the bulls eye. Lol. Good stuff. I am going to miss you both. It's certainly been a long haul, but fun along the way. The defense lawyer made this case especially difficult with having to file 5 petitions for alternative care, the last resulting in the employer's right to control the medical being terminated. I wouldn't have made it without both of you. I am eternally grateful! I would try to fit in is that when the going got tough Steve and you kept pushing back. You both were relentless.



This young woman was injured on an ATV accident; the driver was killed. She wrote to thank us for our blog and the accuracy of the reporting. She said, “While researching different stories and statistics, I came upon my own story. After looking at a few websites, I was extremely disappointed; no one got my story completely straight! By the time I was getting tired of reading all the incorrect assumptions, I came across your website. Your website was the only one that got my story straight. Although it may seem like it's not a big deal, it means a lot to me. Thank you!”

Name Withheld by Steve

Northwestern Iowa


Happy to have helpedI have been goggling information as that is my only resource. I will have a deposition where I am terrified. I am pro se for many reasons and I do not know how to handle the deposition or what to expect. I stumbled upon your website and found some valuable information. I want to thank you for taking time to post this information. I know that you are a personal injury lawyer and that my case is based on discrimination in employment under ADA. So I realize that you probably would not be interested in my case. The reason that I am contacting you is because you gave the eight simple rules to follow for depositions. Then you gave a test question to see if the reader understood these rules. It was stated that we could answer the test question and e-mail the answer that we would give and then send the answer to you; you would e-mail us with the correct answer. I am very interested if I answered correctly. I am glad I found your website with the deposition information. Thanks! [Name withheld by Steve due to ongoing litigation.]


Superb Post, I have spent a lot of time to gain effective info, I liked it very much, Thanks........................

Comment from Steve: We enjoy helping people with legal problems and in this instance I put a lot of time into creating blogs that will last and continuously provide helpful direction. Even for thos who live outside of Iowa, but who will encounter the same problems we do. I was happy this person was helped, even though we earned no fee in their case. Steve Lombardi, Attorney

Dui Attorney Philadelphia on August 29, 2012

Its very nice blog and great service. I found so many entertaining stuff in your blog,especially on this post. Keep up the good work.

"Am I liable to a person who trespasses on my property and is injured?"


Burun Estetigi

Stephen Lombardi is tenacious. His laser like focus on the details and the law make him a very dangerous opponent to greedy insurance companies and uncaring employers. His patience is matched by professionalism, follow through and a photographic like memory that is virtually unstoppable. It was my privilege to have the Lombardi Law Firm represent me and obtain a settlement larger than I ever expected. Thank you so very much for caring, and for delivering justice and compassion matched by compensation. You Sir,ROCK!

David Stanley

David Stanley

I do agree with what you say, but believe it also takes a lot more than just hanging around with the right people; although that is a very important component. The right mind set, skill set, a plan, execution, discipline and perseverance all combined are necessary components. I do like your blog.

Name withheld by Lombardi to protect the innocent.

I really enjoyed your 8 points regarding depositions and your earthy tone. I have a good attorney. I just like to study on my own too. My case is in the southern USA, involving a relative who suffered a brain injury in a car accident. Your suggestions are the most helpful. Thanks!


I really enjoyed your 8 points regarding depositions and your earthy tone. I have a good attorney. I just like to study on my own too. My case is in the southern USA, involving a relative who suffered a brain injury in a car accident. Your suggestions are the most helpful. Thanks!


Dear Mr. Lombardi: Thank you for the helpful information on your website about deposition preparation. I found it extremely helpful. I am being deposed next week so I will not have a complete answer until after the deposition. I can say now that I expect to find the information helpful because of this exchange which puts your suggestions firmly in my mind. I live in Portland, Oregon and my case has to do with property rights and a nuisance suit that involves personal injury. Thanks for your help.

Name withheld to due to ongoing litigation.
Portland, Oregon 

G.A. from Portland, Oregon

My case is an especially emotional one as the defendant is not only a family member but a man that has abused me throughout my lifetime. Having the clarity of the 8 simple rules provides me with confidence. I am able to focus on the task at hand and set aside any emotion.
Unfortunately I am in not in Iowa and would not be able to be your client. Thank you for making this information public.

Name withheld by Lombardi to protect the innocent.

Dear Sir,
I love your deposition prep. Question do you know what time it is? I answered 10:20 AM, then the light went on and I answered yes. The answer is yes. Thanks for your great prep.
Regards, R.D. 

R.D. from New York

Hi, My name is Nancy. I was looking at your information on your website because my friend is scheduled for a deposition in March as well as his ex-girlfriend, the mother of the child, for a family law case. My boyfriend has sent several emails since the beginning of the year in an attempt to meet or speak with the attorney regarding the case but the attorney has not responded. We were looking for information to find out what we could do to postpone the deposition so that he can seek new counsel.

Your website was very informative.


Attorney Lombardi: If your lawyer is not preparing you for the deposition, you need a new lawyer. If your lawyer says, "Just tell the truth." they have not adequately prepared you for the day of the deposition. Law does not lend itself to DIY. Attorney, Steve Lombardi

I was searching the internet seeking information about workers compensation. I ran across the Lombardi website and contacted him.  He responded in a way that really help me to understand how my situation is and it actually gave me a better understanding. Things i didn;t know, had no knowledge of, he made clear . After getting that reply, I was very satisfied. Now i can move forward and seeking the help i really need. I thank him so much and am very grateful for his quick response. I would recommend anyone to contact him. Again i thank you soo much. Victor.

Dear Steve:

  Thank you for answering me, you have a great web site, it was helpful.  But I do have to suggest you add sections of this book, "What Every body is Saying" by Joe Navarro, than your web site would be perfect!  It's the only book on body language I have found that is simple and offers photos.

   As to where I am located, it's in the State of Florida.  This case which I'm involved in is in Florida.

   Discovery is just about over and depositions are underway.

   I had just sent you an email with a brief overview of my case but forgot to mention, after carefully reading your web page seven times and reading the book "What every Body is Saying" by Joe Navarro, five minutes into the deposition the lawyer grilled me on what legal background I had and if I had ever worked for a law firm...............I thought it was amusing.

Thank you

(Name withheld for confidentiality purposes)

Name withheld by Lombardi to protect the innocent.

I came across your site while having to do research for my case since having to fire my attorney. I am a plaintiff in a civil case in PA. I wish I could find a well qualified firm like you in the areas I need that deals with Traumatic Brain Injury, Personal Injury, and who is professional and willing to help with the case. Your site has been helpful. Thank you.

Successful Pennsylvania Deponent

Hello, I searched for information regarding the types of questions that were allowed at a deposition, due to questions that were asked about my medical condition that occurred 7 yrs prior to the accident. However, once I read your advice regarding how to properly respond during a deposition I was truly comforted.  Your information was greatly appreciated.  It allowed me to realize that she was really trying to "tick" me off, and get the attitude which you were speaking of.  My deposition is set for March 12, at 1:30 pm. and I'm ready for it!!!  Thank You for the information.

From Louisiana

Attorney Lombard, We succeed where others fail because we do prepare our clients and our methods work. Steve Lombardi

Louisiana Deponent

Dear Steve: I  read most of this site and I am so proud of you. You talk on the level of the  people that need your help, that's important. You list the things that I respect  most about you. You hate to lose, and you tell people what they need to hear,  not what they want to hear. That's a fact. You don't, however, mention that all  the while you are fighting for their case, you are quietly (through your  conversations, and actions) helping them realize that life will be different  when the case has ended, and how you help people be ready for that time. I hope  that you always show each client the same care and kindness that you showed to  me and my family. We were able to live again, differently then before Jerr's  accident, but still a life worth living all the same. Just as you said. I think you did a great job conveying your intelligence and your honesty, you may have  forgotten your compassion - we never will. Terri Phelan-Ruden and Jeff Ruden

Attorney Lombardi comments: We don't talk down at our clients, we talk in a way they can understand what we are saying. As lawyers we are not here to impress you with our vocabulary. If we did that nothing would be accomplished. Because our goal is to get you ready to do a good job at answering questions and understanding the legal issues involved in your case. If we do our job you will do your job well and we will both win. Attorney, Steve Lombardi

Clients from Polk County, Iowa

Dear Mr. Lombardi: Although disappointed I understand your advice and opinion that our son's death claim would not be successful. This legal matter was important to us and the memory of our son stays with us daily. My wife and I want to thank you for reading the autopsy report, the police reports, reviewing the evidence and your attention but mostly I appreciate your communication and giving me a full explanation for not taking this case. Another law firm did not have the decency to answer me in any way except with a no. Your taking the time to make sure we appreciate the difficulties of this case can finally give us closure about filing suit.

Now that I understand the weaknesses of the evidence and see it applied to the law I can understand why a jury would probably not make a substantial award or might find against us entirely. Knowing that we could spend a lot of money on litigation costs with no recovery was something no previous attorney took the time to explain. You did what you said you would do; you told us what we needed to hear not what we wanted to hear and that is all we ever really needed. We needed to know someone cared enough to spend his time not just looking for a case, but looking to make sure we pursued a successful case. From what the referring attorney told us about you we are aware of your reputation for honesty and being forthright. In that regard he was right and my wife and I thank you.

We wish you our best for your future and should we have other legal matters to discuss will call upon you as you've invited us to do.

Philip and Pauline Strand
Hampton, Iowa


Clients from Hampton, Iowa