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If you have questions about property damage the personal injury lawyers of the Lombardi Law Firm are here to answer your questions.

Pedestrian AccidetDue in part to the number of questions we get about damage resulting from inattentive drivers as well as distracted pedestrians the Lombardi Law Firm has created this page with a list of commonly asked questions. If your suit has significant personal injury or death you really need to consult with an experienced attorney.  

Valuable Information Regarding Pedestrian Accidents & Property Damage

Attorney Steve Lombardi here  with a couple of pedestrian accident reports that recently caught my eye. In some of these incidents, pedestrians were actually killed by distractions resulting from cell phones, mp3 players and iPod use. 

NPR recently aired a very good story about digital distractions while driving.

NPR Story, Caution: Walking and Cell Phones Don't Mix

Driving Safety: No Text Messaging While Driving | InjuryBoard Austin

Cell Phone Use While Driving Increases Risk of Collision ...

Driving Safety: No Text Messaging While Driving | InjuryBoard Austin

Cell Phones, Like Alcohol, Cause Wrongful Death | InjuryBoard Salt ...

So what is going on with pedestrians? Like car and truck drivers pedestrians are allowing their cell phones to distract them to the point of getting killed?

Have You Been Injured Or Involved In A Pedestrian Accident?

If you've been hit by a negligent driver while crossing an intersection, or if you've been the driver involved in a pedestrian accident you must seek the advice of a professional, experienced attorney. Contact us online by filling out our convenient form or call us directly at 555-222-1110. For your free consultation.