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Lombardi Law Firm

We handle all kinds of personal injury cases when money damages are at stake. If you need a personal injury lawyer call Steve at 515-222-1110

If you, a friend, relative, child or spouse, have a large or serious personal injury case, one involving spinal cord, traumatic brain, nerve damage, internal organ, amputation, loss of sight, loss of limb type injuries; injuries requiring expensive surgical procedures, ongoing medical care and rehabilitation; loss of a business or profession; brain rehabilitation and spinal chord rehabilitation; injury resulting in death or a coma, then don’t delay in seeking legal advice.


Our initial consultations are free and we have for the past 30 plus years helped people just like you.  We don’t expect you to know if you have a viable case that is our business. Contact us today, call Steve. 515-222-1110.


The Lombardi Law Firm is a civil litigation firm that handles its own work and works with referring attorneys while paying and being paid referral fees. We pay out thousands of dollars each and every year to lawyers from Iowa’s rural counties. Lawyers from the smaller less populated counties refer cases to us and together we handle the work while allowing them to engage in personal injury and workers compensation case they would not necessarily be qualified to handle. Maintaining rural lawyers in practice requires them to earn a decent living and our referral program does just that. Depending on how much work you refer to us, we will adjust our referral fee percentage.

Our clients come from all walks of life and after 30 years we have thousands of clients who refer their friends and relatives when suffering a serious injury or when they have questions about a personal injury. We know the law and there aren’t many types of cases we’ve not handled.

Our Practice Areas Include:

As the lawyer who has heard it all I invite you to call me to talk about your case or your client’s cases. We are here to serve you. Contact us online or call us directly at 515-222-1110 for your free consultation.

Iowa Car Accidents

If you believe you can represent yourself in your car accident case and receive the claim you deserve, think again. We specialize in representing car wreck victims and are very detailed regarding every aspect of your case. There’s a great deal of effort that goes into proving who was at fault in a car accident.

Truck And Tractor Trailer Accidents

Although tractor trailers are a vital part of the American economy, their presence on the roads presents a significant problem while car drivers fail to respect them. The accidents are often severe, resulting in spilled products, bad wrecks, and possible death. If you are injured in an accident involving a tractor trailer along the highways of central Iowa, Steve Lombardi of the Lombardi Law Firm in Des Moines can help you handle these troubling times. Call 515.222.1110 for a free consultation.

Workers Compensation  Employee RightsWorkers' Compensation & Employee Rights

If an individual is injured while on the job, he or she is entitled to worker’s compensation to pay the medical expenses and help cover a percentage of lost pay from mandatory time off. Although the process is relatively simple, getting the full value of your claim is a time-consuming and potentially complicated issue.

Property & Real Estate Injuries

If you’re injury or death case happened (caused) on property (real estate) you need to get a qualified legal opinion that will result in a successful insurance claim and lawsuit settlement or verdict. You need a lawyer on your side that is licensed as a lawyer and licensed as a real estate broker. As a lawyer with a client, but who doesn’t practice in this area full time you need direction and a lawyer who can act as co-counsel. We handle referral work all over Iowa and pay thousands of dollars in referral fees to Iowa’s rural practice lawyers. If you’re not sure there is a case call or email Attorney Lombardi and find out; this consultation is usually free of charge. 515-222-1110 or [email protected]


Trial Deposition Preparation

Lombardi Law Firm believes in trial preparation. We don't rely on luck to win your case. Instead we prepare you from the first moment we talk with you. What we do is listen to how you talk, think and most importantly answer questions. You can be successful if you are prepared correctly. Not all attorneys take the time to properly prepare their clients. We do.