What if my lawyer doesn’t return my phone calls or email questions?

The lawyer who doesn’t communicate with the client is not doing their job properly. Client questions need to be addressed. Of course a client who thinks they are the only client or the one whose case needs to be first may be disappointed and there may be no way to make that client understand that everything takes time. So first be patient. But, if the lawyer is just refusing to talk with you or has staff communicated an answer to your question you may have no choice but to see another lawyer. And that’s alright. If you know you’re not being a royal pain and have a legitimate concern perhaps your personalities are such that you need different representation. If your case is not filed and the statute of limitations is approaching the message to the lawyer should be, either respond within 48 hours or I’m seeing another lawyer. Then don’t hesitate see another lawyer. Lawyers know what to say to obtain your file. And if all else fails file a complaint with the Iowa Bar Association.