Ex-wife's lawyer subpoenaed my mother's bank account without notifying her or me three days before hearing. The bank honored the subpoena witch was just a fax cover letter with attorneys name. I had no lawyer, the court then appointed me a lawyer. Then rescheduled hearing for 2 and a half weeks latter. The next hearing her attorney dose not use my mothers subpoenaed account but instead shows up with my current wife's bank records again without notice to her or me or my lawyer. MY lawyer move to have it throne out judge allowed it but said both lawyers write a brief on the case show casing their point. My lawyer asked for relief based on violation of civil procedure. My lawyer said that she would be unable to pursue this case any further because being court appointed her job was done and even though the cases were related that it was a different case. My question is did my bank violate the right to financial privacy act by honoring a invalid subpoena? Can I sue her lawyer for civil procedure violation?

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