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We try to make our website an interesting source of information for all people who may have suffered an injury or whose relatives have been injured or killed. We attempt to provide information that makes you more aware of how to avoid injury and death.  We are here to assist you to stay safe and with your legal problems. Call us if you have legal questions or if you have safety concerns. (515-222-1110) We are willing to assist you in finding answers to your questions and regularly write about safety measures that readers bring to our attention. Good luck on the job and be safe.Steve Lombardi is a personal injury lawyer in Iowa, but prides himself on doing more than just practicing law.  Email: [email protected]
If you, your spouse or a member of your family or friends are involved in any kind of accident contact the Lombardi Law Firm. We can assist you with your claim. Steve Lombardi has more than 30 years of experience in civil litigation including death and injury cases for workers and their spouses from car, semi-truck, motorcycle, pedestrian and construction accidents and injuries. We don't charge you to talk with Mr. Lombardi to find out if you have a case. Don't delay, call him today. (515-222-1110 or [email protected])  

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