Why have my workers comp checks stopped?

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The checks he's asking about are for weekly benefits. The weekly checks I refer to as weekly indemnity checks or healing period benefits. They can stop for any number of reasons, including noncooperation with authorized medical treatment, a snafu with the insurance company or because the healing period has ended and a doctor has opined no further work restrictions or excuse is appropriate. The doctors control the right to receive continued weekly indemnity payments. The doctors would do us all a favor by giving the employee some warning that in two weeks I'm going to consider releasing you from my care. That would allow the employee some time to adjust to a major change. This warning is necessary because often times the employer either won't accommodate restrictions in the work place or has replaced the employee with another worker; so his job no longer is available. This creates unemployment and that translates into not having a pay check. So some advanced warning really helps and allows the worker and his/her family to consider their options for additional income.

Steve Lombardi
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L5 herniated disc.Was recieving comp check for approx 3 wks.Released back to work with restrictions.Maybe 4-12 hours a week is all I can handle.Worked yesterday till noon,can't stand upright this morning.No check from comp-refuses to send mileage check as well.How can I get some money flowing again right now?
by jim schulte August 3, 2012 at 07:29 AM
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