According to the Register’s July 1, 2012 article the semi-truck driver was curious about a used car that was for sale and parked on the side of the road. He stopped in the right lane of Highway 34 and exited the truck to look at the car that was for sale. A car that came along (23 and 2-year-old inside) ran into the parked truck and the passengers were killed. It’s a terrible accident to say the least.

According to the Register: “The semi truck, driven by 58-year-old Ahmet Mahalbasic, of Waterloo, was parked in the right lane of Highway 34 when the 23-year-old driver ran into the back of the tuck’s trailer, according to Iowa State Patrol. Mahalbasic had gotten out of the truck to look at a used vehicle parked near the road, according to officials.”

Collision with semi kills 2 near Mount Pleasant

A 23-year-old and 2-year-old of West Burlington were killed after driving into a parked semi truck on Highway 34 east of Mount Pleasant in Henry County a little after noon Sunday.

Steve Lombardi
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