Spinal Cord Stimulation Therapy (SCS) involves implanting a small device under a patient's skin and delivering electric pulses to the nerves, emitting a form of paresthesia.  The electric impulse interrupts the pain signal in the brain, providing relief from chronic pain.  More than 1.5 billion people in the world suffer from chronic pain, with the most commonly affected area in the lower back.  While the general form of treatment methods are opioids and surgery, many patients do not find relief.  The new SCS technique is showing great potential to these patients, with many reporting a 50% reduction in pain.  However, a new technique with higher frequencies, called HF10, is providing even more impressive results, with 85% of patients receiving treatment receiving a 50% or greater reduction in pain.  The advances are promising for many patients, and will continue to improve with research and new technology.  The stimulation devices not only provide an effective form of relief, it also avoids the negative side effects and costs of surgery and opioid drugs.

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