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Big Q&A Day - Too many to answer individually - so here goes.

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Question: Is it likely to be sued for agreeing with a roofing company the job but give it to another for the price my insurance company approved of?
Question Detail: They wanted more money than promised. I don't see how and why they would want to take me court. What do you think I should do?

Answer: Did you agree to give them the work, the contract, allow them to order materials and then reneg? What was your reasoning? What were the agreed terms? Not enough information to know how to isolate the legal problem and formulate an answer to the problem.


Question: What do we do if the contractor falls while framing and the homeowner has no insurance?
Question Detail: My husband was framing a new house for a homeowner. He passed out while standing at the level of the second story and fell, crushing his shoulder. He has a Limited Liability Company and has commercial insurance, but no worker's compensation on himself. We asked the homeowner if his insurance would pay the minimum $5000 medication. We have to pay. Homeowner has Northlight Insurance/Allstate Insurance and says he's not covered for injuries.
Answer: As an independent contractor you have to take responsibility for the risks inherent in your business; you can’t rely on the homeowners to cover you for your mistakes. But, it all depends on the language of the policy. Most homeowner policies do not cover independent contractors who are injured while working on the property. Read the insurance contract and buy workers’ compensation insurance on yourself.


Question: Do I have a claim if I had carpal tunnel surgery in both hands?
Question Detail: In 2005 had carpal tunnel surgery on both hands caused by work related injury. Maintenance worker in a Chemical plant, workers comp paid for time off and surgeries. Hands never recouped, at a recent doctor’s visit the doctor diagnosed permanent nerve damage in both hands. Do I have a claim?
Answer: Probably not, but I can’t really know without more information. You may it all depends on how you settled, the terms of the settlement and the benefits you now seek.


Question: Is misuse of a Smartphone illegal?
Question Detail: My employer recently upgraded our Blackberry Smartphone and discovered that I received a sexually explicit text photo. I immediately deleted upon receipt, but it was still able to be retrieved. My employer has now terminated me for misuse of a computer. Do I have any defenses?

Answer: Your solution really depends on the terms of your employment agreement. Who provided the phone? Was the phone a business tool? What were the terms and rules of your employment? There lies the answer.


Question: Is it better to go to a doctor or a lawyer first if there are complications with my hernia surgery?
Question Detail: I had hernia surgery in 1997 and am having complications that may be due to the mesh that was used. Is it better to go to Dr first or lawyer first? Also, join a class action suit in progress or go it alone.
Answer: First go the doctor and get his opinion, diagnosis of what is wrong, if anything, with the mesh. Then see a lawyer to see if you fit into the class action involving surgical mesh.


Question: What are our liabilities under Misinsured Auto Coverage with Property Personal Injury?
Question Detail: A friend of mine gave full usage of one of his cars to my 20 year old son and only took out secondary driver liability insurance for my son and that car. My son IS the PRIMARY driver and neither of them resides at the same address. I had informed both my auto insurance company along with the insurance company of the friend that gave full usage of his car to my son, that he was evading covering my son correctly for liability insurance in the state of Minnesota. Now the BAD news. My son was involved in an accident with a motorcycle which caused the motorcycle driver great physical and property loss. My son was cited with a Failure to Yield at Stop Sign with no insurance. What I'm interested in knowing is where does the liability stand. I did inform the friends insurance that the friend was not covering my son correctly on their Insurance. How responsible am I and my Auto Insurance for this accident since my son resides in my home and is only "A LISTED DRIVER ONLY" on my policy. Do I or my son have a civil claim against the Insurance Company or the friend since they neglected to cover my son correctly. Both Insurance Companies, my son and the friend were all aware of the situation over 60 days ago when this fraudulent act took place.
Answer: Sorry but your rendition of the facts is rambling and confusing; there is no way to answer your question. Sit down with a lawyer so they can clarify what you're asking.


Question: Am I entitled to any compensation benefits after slipping and falling in the hall of a rehabilitation center?
Question Detail: I was walking into Heritage Rehabilitation Care Center and slip and fell in the hall on some water that was on the floor. I'm legally blind and currently on disability.
Answer: Maybe, but it will depend on several factors including how the water got there and how long it was there.


Question: What can I do if my ex-boyfriend is threatening to make a website and post all my nude photos?
Question Detail: We dated for about five months and recently decided to stop talking because it was too much of an unhealthy relationship. Now, he messaged me via Facebook threatening to post my nude photos on a website if I don't stop talking to people he knows.
Answer: His doing that may be considered extortion. You may want to speak with the county attorney and the police.


Question: Is it true that individuals with developmental disabilities are not held liable for their actions?
Question Detail: I was assaulted twice by two different clients both with autistic diagnosis. Both assaults have had lasting personal repercussions. What kind of training and/or information would be considered sufficient to future staff members? Telling someone "I am sorry, but you could be seriously injured here -physically and emotionally, but there's nothing to really be done about it" because he is disabled, does not sit well.
Answer: not that I'm aware of. People with disabilities are still people who have the responsibility to not injure other people.


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