A 49 and 19-year-old females died in a car accident on Highway 29 in Council Bluffs after being struck by a pickup truck. The pickup truck was heading west on I-80 when it left the road, went down an embankment and then crashed into a car. The car had Pamela (49) and Colene Mahoney (19) of Carter Lake in it; both died. They were heading south on I-29. According to the Des Moines Register July 2, 2012 article, this crash remains under investigation and the investigation is considering if “Billings fell asleep.” I’ve previously written about falling asleep at the wheel and the driver’s duty to pull over and stop the car until they are rested enough to safely drive. It’s driving with due care for the safety of others including your own passengers.

This is sort of a freak accident in that the truck leaves I-80 and ends up on I-29. The people on I-29 would clearly not be looking for this one to occur.

Two killed in two-car accident in Council Bluffs - Two people were killed Sunday in a two-car accident on Interstate Highway 29 in Council Bluffs.

Drivers falling asleep at the wheel are still liable to the passengers


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Sep 17, 2011 – When the driver falls asleep at the wheel are the passengers precluded from collecting from the driver's insurance company?

Duty to stop driving – falling asleep at the wheel.


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Apr 7, 2011 – The duty every driver has to discontinue driving when you are falling asleep. If you're falling asleep at the wheel then you are not driving with due care.

Falling Asleep At The Wheel


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Jan 5, 2010 – If you're so tired that you're falling asleep at the wheel you have no business getting behind the wheel to drive.

Crossing the Center Line and Head-on Car Crashes


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Oct 2, 2011 – I've written previously about falling asleep at the wheel and whether that is ... If a driver on a U.S. Highway falls asleep can he be liable for the injuries to others.

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